Party Tips: Do's and Don'ts at a Christmas Lunch

Christmas Lunch

Christmas is not just a festival but a time for friends and family to come together. Though there are no hard and fast rules, a few tips will go a long way in keeping up the festive spirit. Here we go..

Get the right gift: If you're pally with the family and know the family well, then you can buy a piece or art or an item of decor that will blend in with their home setup. Also, if there are children in the family, then the best thing to do is buy a few toys for them. But if all of this is too last minute, and you can't think of anything better; then the most easy-to-buy gift is a bottle of some fine wine, some fancy chocolates or Christmas-y cupcakes.

Dress for party: Whether the invite clearly mentions a dress code or not, don't land up in your shorts and slippers! Christmas parties are a formal affair, so ladies, take out that lovely dress lying in the closet and pair it with nice heels. And men, there's no harm in ditching your super-comfy Bermudas for a pair of nice trousers and shirt. After all, you don't want to have that just-out-of-the-bed look in pictures, right?

Respect the host's time: Time arriving early or late, both are bad ideas! It isn't wise to show up 30 minutes early and put the guest in a tough spot or land up at 4 pm for lunch or 10 pm for dinner: It is plain courtesy. Also, don't end up staying at a house party forever... Christmas is family time for many. So, excuse yourself when it's time and let your hosts have some privacy.

Don't ruin the decoration: Christmas is the time of year when most people decorate their house extensively and obsessively. Just because things look pretty, don't touch and ruin it. And if you're too tempted to touch and feel something, then the best thing to do is to ask the hosts first.

There's a time to go: Just because the host is doing everything possible to make you feel comfortable, doesn't mean you loiter around endlessly. Once you had food, drinks and the party is over; understand that it's time to head home.

Christmas Lunch Ideas

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