Things To Do When You're Bored

Ever found yourself so bored that you'll start thinking of really crazy stuff to do just to keep yourself occupied?
Don't have any ideas, try some of these:
  • Try pulling funny faces until you find a funny one that makes you laugh.
  • Turn your room into a theme park by making different rides using items in your room.
  • Write a book about your previous life.
  • Play with anything that looks interesting.
  • Drive the speed limit in your garage.
  • Play Pat Boone records backwards.
  • Chat with strangers on the internet! That seems to be what most of us do.
  • Try playing baseball with tomatoes.
  • Video yourself doing a silly dance to a song then watch it after and laugh.
  • Write a random story.
  • Spin around until you get really dizzy.
  • Write a play script then act it out.
  • See how small you can scrunch your face.
  • Water your dog...see if he grows.
  • Racing in shopping carts is major fun.
  • Go through a magazine and cut out pics of things you like and put them up in your room or in a special book.
  • Talk to yourself in the mirror.
  • Draw some new inventive hairstyles on a piece of paper.
  • Dance until you are out of breath.
  • Memorize a series of random numbers.
  • Speak with a forked tongue.
  • Get a dog to chase your car.
  • Pretend you are blind.
  • Water your family room.
  • Sharpen your sleeping skills.
  • Have your pillow X-rayed.
  • Invent a new kind of sweet.
  • Go into your bathroom and play pirates.
  • Try to make yourself laugh so hard that you wet yourself.
  • Draw Lewis structures on your ceiling.
  • Sleepwalk without sleeping.
  • Count your teeth with your tongue.
  • Memorize the dictionary.
  • Hold an ice cube as long as possible.
  • Write graffiti under the rug.
  • Speak in acronyms.
  • Paint your windows.
  • Pretend you are running away from yourself.
  • Brush your teeth for ten minutes.
  • Slap yourself until you get hurt.
  • Practice your boxing on a pillow.
  • Try to balance as many spoons on your face as you can.
  • Adopt strange mannerisms.
  • Invite the Manson's over for dinner.
  • Pretend to try and catch butterflies.
  • Watch random videos on youtube!
  • Type as fast as you can.
  • List all the swear words you know.
  • Listen to your least fave songs over and over again.
  • Try to learn a new language then impress your mates.
  • Throw a tomato outside your window and watch where it lands.
  • Make random noises that nobody has heard before.
  • Put loads of signs on your bedroom saying, "Beware! don't enter!"
  • Hold a note for as long as you can. Keep trying until you get a record!
  • Balance a pencil on your nose.
  • Design a better toilet seat.
  • Make yourself a pair of wings.
  • Check under chairs for chewing gum.
  • Tattoo your dresser.
  • Hold your breath as long as you can. Keep trying until you get a record.
  • Memorize the periodic table.
  • Use an eraser until it goes away.
  • Get run over by a train of thought.
  • Watch a watch until it stops.
  • Make up a game and play it.
  • Pretend to sing like mad.
  • Walk around your room without walking on the floor.
  • Do a book review.
  • Make a machine out of things from the bin.
  • Wrap up random things inside your room.
  • Steal loads of food from your fridge and try to eat it all.
  • Pretend to try a fly.
  • Act as if you are really angry.
  • Make up famous sayings.                                      

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