Reclaim The Spirit of Christmas!

Don't outsource your Christmas this year... Adopt the tradition path instead, where family is the center of action and not a shopping complex.

A global society and melting pot of cultures Christmas today is celebrated at par with Diwali or Holi, in almost every other home, irrespective of the faith. While the well-heeled traveler has had his/her experience of Christmas celebrations in other countries, today, retail outlets are outsourcing Christmas for the expatriate and busy professionals. While all things are pretty, shiny and convenient, some where there seems to be a gaping hole in our souls. When you sit down to reflect, you realize that the spirit of Christmas has been wrenched out-wrenched out to be filled with all things 'mass produced'.

          From the delicacies to the decorations, today, most working professionals don't take time out to indulge in the do-it-yourself (DIY) activities that best create the spirit of the season. But all is not lost. If you take a little time out, you can enjoy that real Christmas feeling again. Here are a few pointers to keep the spirit of Christmas alive:

Hang a Star: The festival begins by hanging the traditional Christmas star outside the home. If you haven't done that yet, there is still time. Get the family together, sit down and make your own Christmas star. There are many DIY manuals available online, so make use of them. Involve the kids and it will surely be a memorable experience.

The Joy of Baking: Yes, we agree that baking is a tedious task. But what's Christmas without the traditional Christmas cake? Ok, you might be incapable of baking a large batch, but a least try to bake one. Traditionally, Christmas baking is a family activity and you should go back to re-visiting the time when you would help your mother sift the flour, beat the eggs and stir the batter. This time around, involve your kids.

Put the Tree up: There are decked up trees available aplenty. But how about setting up the Christmas tree by yourself this time right from scratch? Don't want to burn a hole in your pocket? There are still ways for one to enjoy the beauty and spirit of Christmas without spending too much. Get the family together; bring out manuals to DIY Christmas ornaments and you are sure to have fun.

Cook a Traditional Meal: Going out to fancy restaurants for Christmas lunch is becoming a norm these days. This year, dig out that old family recipe. Delegate chores to every member at home and slip on that apron. The aromas wafting from the kitchen will not only get you nostalgic, but will help you create new memories.

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