Extraordinary Benefits of Bikram "Hot" Yoga

Bikram 'Hot' Yoga

            Bikram yoga is the original HOT yoga designed by Bikram Choudhury. Bikram's Hot yoga is suitable for people of all ages, body types and levels of fitness and is beginner's yoga. Each posture stretches, strengthens and prepares your body to work every muscle, organ, gland and cell in perfect order for maximum optimization. The result is 100% exercise!

           Aside from dramatic tales of the fitness Bikram Yoga is one of the fitness world's most enduring success stories. Today there are more than 5000 plus Bikram studios worldwide.

    Benefits of Bikram "Hot" Yoga    

       Bikram Yoga is designed for EVERYONE - any age, size, shape, condition, or problem. To receive the benefits, a regular practice of 4-5 classes per week is necessary. Beginners are encouraged to start slow and take it easy for the first few classes. Benefits are observed right away for some, including normalizing of weight. And it usually takes atleast ten classes for your body to start to understand the poses. As one student puts it, "Bikram yoga class a day keeps the doctor away."

    Stress & Anxiety Management    

        Mental stress and strain is the cause of all diseases, even infectious ones. A regular practice can lower cortisol levels, calm the mind, increase mental clarity and release and reduce stress and tension. Harvard Medical School is studying whether Bikram Yoga could also be a treatment for depression.

    Weight Loss    

       Bikram Yoga is excellent for weight loss. Your digestive system and metabolism will improve, normalizing your appetite and diminishing unhealthy cravings. Bikram yoga is known for burning 1000 calories a session.


      Many students experience quick relief from arthritis after only a few classes of Bikram Yoga. A combination of the heat and the moving, twisting, extending and compressing of every joint can alleviate arthritis.

Breathing Problems - Asthma, Allergies, Respiratory Problems

Bikram Yoga will be good for your breathing problems in several ways. The heat promotes relaxation of the muscles and nerves, and you can work with as much intensity as appropriate for your needs. It strengthens your heart and lungs, improving your lung function.

     Back Pain / Diabetic / Cholesterol     

Bikram Yoga has helped countless numbers of people with back pain, stiff necks, headaches, scoliosis, herniated disks and many other back problems.

         A dedicated Bikram Yoga student, who lost 50 pounds without dieting, healed his chronic back problems and no longer needed his diabetic medication after practicing Bikram Yoga for 6 months. He tells his story in the book "Diabetic Always, Insulin no more".

      Many of the students come off their cholesterol medication from a regular Bikram Yoga practice. Your circulation increases allowing blood to flow throughout your body cleansing and clearing your arteries.

      Skin, Beauty And Anti-Aging     

           Watch your face and skin develop "the Bikram glow" as your eyes become brighter and your skin becomes more clear and soft. As you sweat, your pores are opened and cleaned allowing natural lanolin to release through the pores, softening and preserving your skin's elasticity Bikram Yoga acts as anti-aging and preventative medicine keeping the whole body young and healthy.

    ABS / Core Strength    

After American football player Tony Parrish broke his left ankle and fibula in a game against the Chicago Bears, he followed Bikram Yoga to help him heal his injury and persuade many of his NFL teammates to take their training into the hot room, too.

          "The first class was hard; I've never been in a room hot for so long," he told Sports Illustrated. "We tend to bend forward on the field but never do any real backward stretching to counteract that. To get into and hold each [yoga] position works your abs. My lower back and spine have also gotten stronger and more flexible. I had abs that looked decent but weren't strong. Now there's strength behind them."

    Thyroid Regulation    

Many of the postures in Bikram Yoga compress and work the thyroid thus helping to regulate the gland balancing thyroid levels. Along with thyroid regulation comes increased energy, weight loss and better metabolism.

    Celebrities Who Love Bikram Yoga Include    

Yo-Gaga: Lady Gaga practices Bikram Yoga everyday - wherever she goes in the world.

Andy Murray : He a famous tennis star practices Bikram yoga regularly. 

         There are so many other celebrities who practice Bikram yoga, Ashton Kutcher, George Clooney, Beyonce, David Becham (Soccer), Jim Carrey, Ariana Kukors (Olympic Swimmer), Rendall Munroe (World Champion Boxer).

    Who Can Do Bikram 'Hot' Yoga?    

It's recommended for everyone. Encourage everyone who wants to feel good, look good and to lead healthy lifestyle should try this at least for a month, no matter what level of fitness you possess. This is the most natural and faster way of taking care of your health, although you have to put some effort from your side.

Benefits of Bikram Yoga

** What are you waiting for "Just do it" **

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