Most Interesting Things About Countries Around The World

Obese people wearing polyester is forbidden in Italy
Roads Made of Coral!
Guam doesn't have any natural sand, but rather coral,
the island nation makes its asphalt using a mix of ground coral
and oil rather than importing sand from abroad.
Vatican is the only city where there was no birth in 1983.
Beer is considered food in Bavaria
Itchy is been banned by law in some countries of the ancient East,
it was considered as sinful exciting pastime.
Fastest Disappearing Nation in the World - Ukraine
With a natural decrease in population of 8% annually and
expecting to lose its population around 30% between now and 2050.
Most lakes in the world - Canada
9% of Canadian territory is actually fresh water with over 3 million lakes
and over 60% of all the lakes in the world are found within its borders.
Wearing Hot-Pink Pants is Illegal - Australia
It is illegal to don hot-pink pants afternoon on a Sunday.
There are more kangaroos than humans in Australia.
Wearing Flip Flops while Driving is Illegal - Spain
A Spaniard invented the mop, which is easily one of the most
important inventions out there. There are numerous surfaces on
which a broom just won't do the trick.

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