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Technology has given birth to revolutionary solutions in the medical field. One such example is orthopedics, where in, the diagnosis and treatment of arthritis has seen an exponential improvement.

Arthritis is a form of joint disorder affecting multiple joints in the body and in the Indian context, it is more common to the knee. Early joint pain starts at the age of 35, increasing progressively, leading to immobility in some cases.

Total knee replacement is a procedure that provides complete cure to a patient's problem. It is the most successful procedures giving an excellent outcome in terms of result and survivorship. With the patient undergoing total knee replacement becoming better-in-formed, the demands of artificial knee have increased. Patients want to forget that they have had a knee replacement surgery.

To create this better-fitting knee system, probably the most ambitious project ever in the history of total knee arthroplasty, a group of about 20 designer knee surgeons from all over the world got together to create the 'Persona' knee system. The 'Persona' knee system was developed and perfected over a period of five years by scientists and engineers in active consultation with leading orthopedic surgeons from across the world including India, using advanced principles of morphology, physiology, kinesiology and material science.

Today some knee designs claim 'state-of-the-art' technology and materials; provide 30 year knee implants merely based on lab results and not on clinical use in a patient. The success of a knee replacement, however, lies in the implant design with a long clinical history and use on patients. Extending on the legacy of clinically-proven designs with 25 years of successful results, the 'Persona' system replicates the natural knee joint and takes into consideration the patient's size, shape, gender and ethnicity. It provides unending sizing options, precisely designed components that give the best fit to patients. A good fit is key to the patient's comfort and the 'Persona' knee ensures that every patient gets his/her personalized fit.

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