Transform Your Home Into Heaven!

Some people search in order to find a beautiful house, but the exploration doesn't come to an end. Others, transform their house into a beautiful home by adding right kind of home decoration items according to their choice. A house, it doesn't mean consisting of two bedrooms, one kitchen, a hall and having a fan or AC for every room. Even, it is not enough purchasing a couch, dining table, rugs, pillows, throws etc. Home decoration is an art and it requires a pinch of creativity which reflects your taste. Pep up your home by choosing products that will elegance your space beautifully. 'Live with what you Love.'is the slogan of home decoration!

The Importance of color in Interior Design

Keep in mind that each color has a psychological value. Colors often have different meanings in various cultures. It has a language and nature. Colors impact on various emotions like Tranquillity, Delight, Spirituality, romantic etc. Colors have associated with our mind and heart, so can not be ignored in home decoration. Nowadays many people showing interest in choosing modern colors like, Chinese Red, Dark Royal Blue, Slow Green, Philipsburg Blue etc. So, bring your favorite colors and vibrancy to your home, but never ignore trends that work well and support a rich and sophisticated look.

Choose Elegant Themes

A theme unifies the decorations and make an interior look harmonious and complete.There are many themes to choose from and each one brings a different mood to the room.
Give your home a makeover from time to time by changing the themes. Choosing a right theme for a certain room can make for an unusual home decor.

Some Important Concerns in Home Decor

First, you can listen to your friends, interior designers, relatives, neighborhood ideas, but the final decision would be yours in designing interior! 

Because, the house is yours and you gonna stay in it! There are some primary principles in home decor, which can not be ignored.

1. Home care is just as important as how important home decoration. Protect you home by taking necessary precautions to prevent short circuit accidents. It is better to set up secret cameras in places such as the entrance of the home to target the burglars. There would be an expensive furniture in your home, so insurance is mandatory.

2. Old furniture is great, don't throw it away, instead, you can make old stuff look new again. Their might be very expensive old furnishings at your home, so you can create beautiful pieces that look fresh and updated with just a bit of time and adding a pinch of creativity.

3. For smaller rooms, you can choose light colors to make a smaller space feel larger. Dark colors make the room feel heavy and smaller. So it would be wise choosing light colors light colors on all your walls. Installing an oversized mirror or a set of smaller mirror will make it seem like there's a more open flow. You can also use mirrored cabinet doors to make small spaces feel larger and uncluttered.

4. Never let furniture pile up haphazardly. A maid isn't needed, just some better habits. Don't forget balancing formula in home decoration. Make sure your home stays neat every day.

5. The quest to fill the home with an expensive furniture is not correct. No eagerness to have all new furnishings. Mix up your interior with old and new furniture, can give a room a distinct, multi-faceted look. Too much mixing creates a cluttered, chaotic, distracting space. But, if you believe something looks good, it most likely does.

6. Set a theme and select furniture and home decor items accordingly. Bring colors and vibrancy to your home by adding pop colored cushions, table mats, paintings and give a new look every time.

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