Fashion Tips for Skinny Guys

Dressing for your body type is one of the most undervalued and most under appreciated skills that men can learn. Generally, people think that fashion for lean men is easy. However, it's quite the opposite. Skinny men struggle to find clothes that will suit them. They can't pick any or every garment they like and have to first consider the shape of their body. Dressing well and looking your best is really quite easy once you have these things in mind. Here are some fashion tips for thin guys...

Blazers with Small Shoulder Padding
To make your upper body look more muscular, purchase blazers with light shoulder padding. Shoulder pads are a smart way to enhance your physique. They define your shoulder bone and shape and add an extra bulk. Be warned that bigger is not better here, go for medium or light shoulder pads, as heavy ones can make you look massive. Make sure your blazers fit, and fit well from the shoulders down to the waist.

Avoid Vertical Stripes
Take off all the vertical stripes from your wardrobe. It makes you look taller and even thinner. Vertical stripes are for short and heavy men who want to look thin and tall. Avoid pinstriped trousers and shirts and wear horizontal or wide stripes.

Wear Turtle Necks and Round Necks
If the weather permits wear turtle and round necks often. A 'V' or low neck will enhance your thin neck and collar bones and you surely don't want that. Keep this in mind when buying shirts and t-shirts for daily wear.

Avoid Skinny Shirts and T-shirts
Avoid skinny shirts and T-shirts is an important fashion tip for lean men. Skinny will only make your small ribcage stand out. Instead, opt for fabric that allows some movement in your midsection. Don't buy your tops too large, shirts that are too large will make you look like you're swimming in your shirt. In addition, avoid clingy fabrics. Check the labels on your tops to make sure they don't contain too much elastic.

White is the World
White is a promising fashion colour that makes you look fuller. And, only lean men are lucky to sport this peaceful color heat-to-toe. White enhances your physique and makes you look broad. As much as possible, avoid wearing dark colors.

Jackets and Belts
When it comes to jackets, always wear a jacket that kisses your hip. Anything longer can make you look like a blanket-covered stick and anything shorter will emphasize your height as well as your skinny waist. Thus, strike the right balance. When it comes to belts, totally overlook the over-sized ones. An over-sized belt will over shadow your personality and your body type. Wear one that complements and looks small.

Layering is not just for women, but it is the "IT" fashion trend and makes you fuller. Keeping comfort and the weather in mind, one of the oldest and best tricks in the book is to add layers to your clothes. Layer of shirt, cardigan or blazer gives an illusion of better physique. Wear a statement or dress shirt under sweater, blazer, jacket or coat. Bring some glamour and wrap a cravat around your neck; it looks great on thin guys.

Straight leg and slightly boot cut work very well on skinny men. Don't go for fitted pants as they make you look thinner. On the other hand, if you get a comfort-fit pant, it will be too loose on you. Ask your tailor to alter your comfort-fit pants that fit you perfectly. Just make sure that you stay as far away from drainpipe and skinny jeans. Better to buy jeans with pockets and cuffs, because those add volume to jeans. A perfect pant must be fitting around your waist and thighs, but loose at the calf.

So, to all skinny guys, don't feel sorry for yourself, go and put these advices into practice. I guarantee that you will feel better with your new apparel, and your confidence will rocket sky high.

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