Short Love Stories

  • Girl : Hi !
    Boy : Hello !!
    Girl : Are you Ok?
    Boy : Not really there is something running in my mind !
    Girl : What is it, tell me?
    Boy : You always say that you trust me a lot...?
    Girl : Yes.. I trust you...! But what happen?
    Boy : If I ask you to jump down, will you do it?
    Girl : Yes I will...
    Boy : Why?
    Girl : Because I know you will catch my hand and pull me up.
    Boy : If I don't then?
    Girl : Then I'll die with the belief that you tried your best but couldn't save me...
                       ♥♥ TRUST IS MUST IN LOVE 

  • A boy and a girl Loved each other very much. Unfortunately the girl died. Boy was upset so much and he couldn't stop his tears. He kept on crying day and night. Any people gave sympathy but, no argument could stop his tears.

    One night he slept and had a dream. He saw the girl in Heaven with so many girls of her age. He felt relax but, he noticed that every girl was in fairy dress and had a lightened candle in their hands. But his girl friend had a candle which was no lightened.
    He asked her : "Why your candle is not lightened?"
    She said : "Whenever I enlighten my candle your tears fall on it...!! Please Stop Crying...!!

  • A boy was dating a girl who always hurt his feelings. One day, she broke up with him and stormed out of the house. Three months later, the girl had a change of heart. She realized that she really loved the boy, so she went back to him and said...,

    "Give me one more chance.. I love you and I need you.. I will never hurt you any more."

    But the boy just laughed and said...,
    "Only a fool would take back someone who hurt them so badly..."

    The girl felt hopeless and began to cry..,

    But the boy put his arms around her, hugged her tightly and said..,

    "And I guess I am one of those fools..." 

  • Conversation between boy & girl after 3 months of breakup

    Boy : How are you?
    Girl : I'm fine you? ( with you.. how can I be Okay? )
    Boy : I am fine... ( but dying inside )
    Girl : So, are you marrying someone?
    Boy : Yes... ( why I am lying with you? I was never... )
    Girl : Your wife will be very lucky... ( I wish that's me.. )
    Boy : Yeah I know you are Lucky... ( OMG!! what did I say.. )
    Girl : What??
    Boy : Hmmm.... will you marry me?
    Girl : Yes...
    Boy : I Love You.. 
    Girl : I Love You Too.. 

  • Boy : How are you sweetheart?
    Girl : Not good..
    Boy : Why? what happened?
    Girl : I have cold..
    Boy : What? How?
    Girl : I had ice cream...
    Boy : Are you mad? I had told you not to eat ice cream in this rainy season... Are you crazy??

    Look into my eyes what the hell you think you are?? don't you have brain? You are not a kid can't you just take care of your self?? stupid idiot...

    Girl smiled, hugged him and said, "I LOVE YOU A LOT"

    Boy : What's happening here? will you please tell me
    Girl : Just loved it whenever you scold me that's why I ate ice cream so that you'll scold me...
    Boy : Stupid Idiot... I LOVE YOU TOO.. 

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