Clashes Continue In Syria Photos

A free Syrian Army commander gives
instructions as they prepare

A Syrian woman stands amid the rubble
of a house destroyed by Syrian artillery
early Monday in Azaz, on the outskirts
of Aleppo

An empty street is pictured in Salah al- Din
neighborhood following clashes between the
free Syrian Army fighters and Syrian Army
soldiers in central Aleppo on August 8, 2012

Civillians carry their belongings as they
flee clashes between the Syrian opposition
and forces loyal to President Bashar al-Assad
in Aleppo

Free Syrian Army fighters and civilians
clear rubble from a residential home
destroyed by the two missiles

In latest attacks in the country at least
47 people have been killed

Rebel free Syrian Army fighters drag a
man suspected of being a shabiha or
pro-regime militiamen on 31 July after
rebels overran a police station in Aleppo

Syria Crisis

Syrian firefighters extinguishing a fire at
the site of a car bomb that ripped through
Jaramana, a mainly Christian and Druze
suburb of Damascus, on 3 September

Syrian protesters facing off the security forces

Syrian rebels arrest a man who is claimed
to be traitor at an old military base in Sicco
village near Aleppo

Syrians stand in rubble after an airstrike
destroyed houses in the town of Azaz on
the outskirts of Aleppo in Syria

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